About EBizNerd

About EBizNerd

Running a business is a full-time job. So it is no wonder why so many business owners have trouble finding time to create an effective online presence.  That is why EBizNerd was created. EBizNerd is the premier local web expert in North Eastern Florida. We offer a select array of effective digital marketing services. We want to remove the stress of maintaining an online presence so you can focus on what you really love – your business. 

A lot goes into maintaining a positive online presence. It is much more than simply building a website, purchasing ad space, and posting on social media. Effective digital marketing starts with a well-crafted plan targeting specific phrases related to your business. It also requires constant monitoring in order to remain effective at all time. Without both of these crucial steps, there will be a lot of wasted time and money. You can’t simply focus on one area or the rest will start to fall. Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing are all key components to maintaining a positive online presence.

At EBizNerd, we believe that customer service is the heart of any successful business and we are dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience. That is why we created our unique “direct developer” contact policy which allows our clients to speak directly with the expert assigned to their project. 

Let EBizNerd supercharge your business with effective digital marketing and a positive online presence. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Local Web Expert Service Area

Local Developer Meetings

We are located in North Eastern Florida. Local meetings with a web expert are available by appointment all across North East Florida. We can currently provide meetings in the following major areas: Gainesville, Middleburg, St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Macclenny,  and Lake Butler

With meetings available all across North East Florida, we are quickly becoming one most reliable web experts in town. Finally, a reliable, local web expert that you can sit down with face to face when needed. If you are located between Gainesville, FL and Jacksonville, FL, contact us today to schedule an appointment!